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Rihanna: Silver. Tape. Tight!


Another beauty submits to the force of a tight tape gag.

This time, Rihanna feels how effective duct tape can be in keeping girls quiet. With silver duct tape wrapped all the way around her head, Rihanna can’t say a word due to the incredible tightness of her powerful gag!

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  1. Her hair kinda looks like a silly hat, but great fake!! Nothing better than seeing this Barbadian babe gagged. Please do more of her. Pleeeeeaasse.

  2. Can you do the same with Emma Watson please

  3. Now THIS should have been a scene in her S&M video! :) Great manipulation, she looks very sexy with this gag. If you can use a similar look and style for one of your future wrap-gag fakes, that would be great!

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